ASU Football: Manny Wilkins named starting quarterback

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 19: Quarterback Manny Wilkins
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 19: Quarterback Manny Wilkins /

One of the biggest off-season story lines for ASU football has been the quarterback competition and who would be the starter for the Sun Devils. It seems that it was a big concern to everyone except head coach Todd Graham.

The Arizona State football program held a preseason media availability session today, and among the questions asked was a question about the quarterback competition.

“We have a returning starter and he’s the starting quarterback until someone beats him out,” Graham said. “Is there competition? Big time competition. I like that we have competition in a lot of spots. That tells you what kind of depth you have, which we’ve had little of in certain positions. I’m excited about that group and really proud of Brady White. Brady suffered a really tough injury and he’s working really hard to make it back. I don’t project that will be this year but he is working his tail off to do that. It’s a 12 month recovery for his injury so, I am really proud of him and how hard he’s working to make it back. That’s critical to us, as well.”

It seems as though Manny Wilkins is going to start at least the first game of the 2017 season.

While there are questions about Wilkins’ ability to stay healthy, he does deserve to be named the starter.

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Last season, the Sun Devils were at their best when he started.

He led them to a 4-0 start before suffering a leg injury during their game against USC.

The saying is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and this is definitely a situation where there is no proof that Wilkins as the starter doesn’t equal success for ASU.

If there was a situation where Wilkins proved not to be effective, or if he did suffer another injury, Arizona State has a very capable back up behind him.

Blake Barnett could possibly sit behind Wilkins as the best back-up in the country.

After being the top transfer target this off-season, Barnett has done nothing but impress during his time as a Sun Devil.

Barnett and Wilkins also offer another interesting option for ASU that could be a fluid situation.

Depending on different sets and who has the hot hand, Barnett and Wilkins could realistically both end up in games.

Need a big time throw that will be accurate? Barnett is in the game. Inside the five yard line and want a quarterback that could throw or run? Wilkins is your guy.

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While Wilkins is the starter now, and rightfully so, there are many situations that could play out where that isn’t the case come later in the season.