Recap: Arizona State vs Oklahoma State

After the Sun Devils got off to a good start to the season they couldn’t quite find the momentum to keep up with Oklahoma State, dropping their first game of the season to the Cowboys 27-15.

Arizona State came out ready to play against a tough future Big 12 matchup, but too many stagnant offensive drives turned costly for the Sun Devils in the second half. Taking a 15-10 lead into halftime and receiving the ball to start the second half, Arizona State seemed to be in control of the game. However, a turnover on downs lead to an Oklahoma State touchdown and the ensuing possession turned into an interception the air deflated for the Sun Devils leading to 2 more punts and 2 turnovers on downs the offense was once again lost like the second half of their first game vs Southern Utah.

The Sun Devil defense did all it could to keep Oklahoma State at bay and continued to be the brightest part of this team. The biggest question for that side of the ball going forward is the pass game, only giving up 87 yards rushing to Southern Utah and 113 to Oklahoma State bodes well for the run game. However, the pass defense after a play breaks down and the QB is on the move, as well as zone coverage is a big question mark for this defense.

As a whole, this game didn’t go the way Arizona State fans may have liked but the key thing to remember is that this is a first year head coach with a true freshman QB and the second most transfers in college football, only trailing Colorado. Add to that most of the starting offensive line is down with injury and they went up against one of the longest tenured coaches who is crafty and knows how to win, that is a tall task for anyone.

Arizona State’s next opponent is Saturday, September 16 at home against another formidable team in Fresno State (2-0), in what is expected to be another close contest.