ASU Football: Who Will Step Up for the Sun Devils?

Jan 2, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; Team Highlight player N
Jan 2, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; Team Highlight player N /

With only two months remaining before the beginning of the 2016 football season, ASU football is looking for players who will step up and become the leaders of the team.

When you think about leaders on a college football team, you tend to think of the seniors on the team who have been around in the program for multiple seasons. For the Sun Devils, they are looking for a new leadership core after their previous core (Mike Bercovici, D.J. Foster, Christian Westerman) finished their time at ASU.

A player that stands out from the pack in freshman N’Keal Harry. Harry comes in as a huge signing in the 2016 recruiting class. His No. 22 recruit in the nation ranking make him the perfect option to become a leader for the Sun Devils.

Harry was very mature with his decision to attend ASU. He saw all the media attention he was receiving and instead of giving the media what they wanted, he kept to himself and focused on football until the time was right, national signing day.

Harry not only fits the role perfectly, but he is expected to become a leader for the Sun Devils. When you are the No. 1 recruit for your schools recruiting class, and you are the No. 1 wide receiver recruit in the nation, you are expected to assume the responsibilities that comes with that ranking.

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Having a young wide receiver that can help lead the offense will be good for the Sun Devils. Pairing both Harry and the starting quarterback, whoever that may be, together as the leaders of the offense could help in forming nice chemistry between the two players.

Harry has the ability to make cornerbacks and defensive coordinators look silly with his athletic abilities on the field, but his mental ability off the field makes Harry a great candidate to step into a leadership role with the Sun Devils.