ASU Football: Depth Added at O-Line

ASU Football continued their strong 2016 recruiting campaign by signing offensive lineman Alex Losoya.

Losoya stands at 6-foot-4 and weighs 295 pounds as a junior college transfer student. He will provide great size to ASU’s offensive line.

Transferring from Orange Coast College, Losoya is expected to help bolster an offensive line that will have to deal with losing a key piece in Christian Westerman to the draft.

Losoya matches up with Westerman when it comes to physical attributes as Westerman was 6-foot-4 and 295 pounds as well.

Losoya is known for his versatility and foot work, two traits that can combine to make a great offensive lineman

By being able to plug in Losoya wherever he is needed, ASU has the ability to address weak spots on the offensive line on a game-to-game basis.

Losoya’s footwork also provides ASU with a lineman who is able to stay with his assignment and protect the quarterback.

Todd Graham characteristically likes his offenses to be run heavy so Losoya could be a nice interior lineman to help push back the defensive line and give some space for the running back.

ASU currently has 15 offensive linemen on the roster, but only two out of the 15 are seniors.

Having a young offensive line is a double edged sword. On one hand you have a line that will be able to grow together and they will all develop at the same time, making for a solid line when they are Juniors and Seniors. The downside is that the offensive line is inexperienced at the current moment and will make mistakes that will only get fixed over time with more reps.

If Losoya has a good offseason and can impress the coaches in the practices leading up to the season, he might be able to earn himself a starting position on this o-line.

Losoya marks the 15th player in ASU’s 2016 junior college recruiting class. ASU’s junior college recruiting class is ranked first in the country.