ASU Football: Projecting Out the 2014 Class



With the recent verbal commitment of cornerback DeAndre Scott out of Philadelphia, the Arizona State Sun Devils 2014 recruiting class is shaping up nicely. Eighteen high school seniors have already announced their verbal intentions to sign on the dotted line to Arizona State University. Here is the list of the players, who hail from across the United States as commits come from the states of Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

  • Manny Wilkins, QB
  • Darrel Williams, RB
  • Nick Alexander, WR
  • Tyler Whiley, WR
  • Jalen Harvey, WR
  • Brendan Landman, TE
  • Alex Anderson, OG
  • Sam Jones, OT
  • Connor Humphreys, DL
  • Derik Calhoun, LB
  • Christian Sam, LB
  • Jamal Scott, LB/S
  • Coltin Gerhart, S
  • Jordan Thomas, S
  • Armand Perry, S
  • Das Tautalatasi, S
  • Chad Adams, CB
  • DeAndre Scott, CB

With it being announced that Calhoun has signed his grant-aid paperwork, it appears he could enroll early and join the program in January. So, there is at least eight — maybe nine (greyshirt) — spots left to fill. Using the ASUDevilsDen Roster by Class grid for the Sun Devil team, here is a possible list of the spots left to fill:

| RB | WR | H-Back | OL | OL | DT | DE or Devil LB | CB | CB |

The coaching staff has shown that it likes players who can play multiple positions, so they have some flexibility with these projected positions. Here are some notes on the projections:

  • RB: Signed only two RBs in past two classes and Marion Grice is leaving, so getting two is critical
  • H-Back: Losing Chris Coyle and one year left of De’Marieya Nelson and only Grant Martinez on roster. Landman fills Darwin Rogers spot.
  • Two Offensive Lineman: Only signed three high school offensive lineman last two classes
  • Two Cornerbacks: Two starting CBs graduating, only Lloyd Carrington with game time

Of course, this assumes that the coaching staff can hold on to these 18 players. There will be some big fights going up to Signing Day in February 2014, especially with RB Williams, LB Sam, CB Adams, OG Anderson — all players who hail outside Pac-12 country. The 2014 class has shaped up very nicely with key players, but based on how this ASU program operates, both on and off the field, expect a strong finish to the 2014 recruiting class. ASU is a finalist for several top West Coast prospects like RB Demario Richard, DT Tashon Smallwood, TE Bryce Dixon, and OT Casey Tucker who could join the 2014 Signing Day class.

These projections are not official. They are a speculative guess based on research, and this could change from now until Signing Day. While Signing Day is right around the corner, there is a lot of movement during the months of December and January.

Who do you want to see sign with ASU in February?