ASU vs. Sac State Pregame: 5 Best Burgers In Tempe


Trust us, there is no shortage of food options in the vicinity of the ASU campus.

As a service to the community, Devils In Detail offers its selection of the 5 best burger joints in Tempe. Your choices may vary.

1. Chuckbox

The “Box” has been an ASU institution for decades, and for good reason. No one serves a fatter burger—made just the way you like it—or colder brews than this place. The atmosphere here is, shall we say, “rustic” (think 1880s mining shack), but the swamp cooler’s usually working fine and you can sit outside as well. A “can’t miss” destination for anyone headed to Sun Devil Stadium.

2. Devil’s Advocate

In our opinion, the Advocate is tops for pre-game festivities around ASU. This storied local watering hole has more big-screen TVs than Best Buy, and its menu rises above typical pub fare. Our tip: try the Habanero Burger. It’ll sear the skin off the roof of your mouth, but after yelling the entire game, you won’t notice.

3. Five Guys Burger and Fries

Yes, we know, this is a chain outfit, but the food here is too good to pass up. The burgers are monster-size and come with a wide choice of accoutrements. Plus, unshelled peanuts are available when you walk in the door. What’s not to love? Five Guys is on Mill Avenue, only a pitchfork’s throw from the ballpark.

4. Pete’s Fish & Chips

Just up Apache Boulevard, past all the annoying construction activity, you’ll find Pete’s Fish & Chips. This mom and pop favorite has been around since Tempe’s Normal School days (okay, we exaggerate a bit), but it’s a solid choice for tasty deep-fried cod, crispy French fries and, of course, killer burgers. Outside seating only.

5. In-N-Out Burger

Okay, okay, we know we’re going to get flack for this nomination. After all, In-N-Out Burger locations are so common you can find them almost everywhere nowadays — right? Wrong. Those of us who live in Arizona and California may be all-too-familiar with the In-N-Out chain, but folks from other regions of the country consider a “Double-Double” binge almost a religious experience. Cross the bridge on Rural Road to get yours.