College Football: Week 1 Viewing Guide


Arizona State fans will be spending plenty of time in front of their TVs in the coming days, as the Sun Devils don’t start their season until Thursday, Sept. 5 against Sacramento State.

Trying to figure out which games to watch? Devils In Detail has a complete viewing lineup for Week 1. (All Times Pacific)

Thursday, August 29

South Carolina vs. North Carolina – 3:00 pm, ESPN
Utah vs. Utah State – 5:00 pm, FS1
Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt – 6:15 pm, ESPN
USC vs. Hawaii – 8:00 pm, CBS Sports Network

Friday, August 30

Texas Tech vs. Southern Methodist – 5:00 pm, ESPN
North Dakota St. vs. Kansas State – 5:30 pm, FS1
Northern Arizona vs. Arizona – 7:00 pm, P12N

Saturday, August 31

Purdue vs. Cincinnati – 9:00 am, ESPNU
Florida vs. Toledo – 9:21 am, SEC Network Affiliates
Texas A&M vs. Rice – 10:00 pm, ESPN
Penn State vs. Syracuse – 12:30 pm, ABC/ESPN2 (varies by location, check local listings)
Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State – 12:30 pm, ABC/ESPN2 (varies by location, check local listings)
BYU vs. Virginia– 12:30 pm, ESPNU
Oregon vs. Nicholls State – 1 pm, FS1
Alabama vs. Virginia Tech – 2:30 pm, ESPN
Eastern Washington vs. Oregon State – 3:00 pm, P12N
Auburn vs. Washington State – 4:00 pm, ESPNU
Clemson vs. Georgia – 5:00 pm, ABC
LSU vs. TCU – 6:00 pm, ESPN
Washington vs. Boise State – 7:00 pm, FS1
Nevada vs. UCLA – 7:00 pm, P12N
Northwestern vs. California – 7:30 pm, ESPN2

Sunday, September 1

Ohio vs. Louisville – 12:30 pm, ESPN
Colorado vs. Colorado State – 3 pm, CBS Sports Net

Monday, September 2

Florida State vs. Pittsburgh – 5:00 pm, ESPN