Fighting Irish Unveil New Unis for ASU Game


Time was, Notre Dame’s uber-traditional uniforms were considered sacrosanct among college gridiron devotees. Those days clearly have passed, what with fashionable teams like Phil Knight’s Oregon Ducks donning new duds almost every game.

Apparently fans are now more than willing to rock the shamrock in South Bend.

Designed by Adidas, Notre Dame’s new Shamrock Series unis start with a basic white jersey and pants, and feature gold numbers, “ND” logo in gold on each bicep and “Fightin’ Irish” across the chest. The look is then kicked up a notch with a snazzy shoulder pad clover to go with the matching clover on the helmet. The green facemask and gloves bring an additional “Irish” touch.

Now, we’re not saying Notre Dame’s new outfits will be anything less than eye-catching under the bright lights of “Jerry’s World.” But you do have to wonder if Alabama is planning a similar fashion initiative for any of its big games in 2013.

We think not.

The bigger question: How will ASU counter the Fighting Irish’s venture into haute couture?